The Lash Guide

Take our 2-step quiz to see what style of lashes we recommend for your unique eye shape and desired look.


Which eye shape is closest to yours?

  • Almond (will format with images and buttons)
    • Almond eyes are exactly that, shaped like almonds with either one or both sides having a slight point to them. 
  • Monolid 
    • Monolid eyes feature little to no crease and appear to have a flatter overall eyelid surface.
  • Hooded 
    • Hooded eyes feature a natural crease that makes your eyelids not as easily seen. If you have a harder time seeing your eyelid than you most likely have hooded eyes.
  • Deep Set 
    • Set deeper into the facial structure, deep set eyes create a more pronounced brow bone and eyelid with their placement.