All About Eyes

Quality & Care

Lashly lashes are meticulously handcrafted; every pair is incredibly soft & lightweight and made using only the highest quality materials. All our lashes are clean and cruelty-free.

Our Founder

In 2018 Tiana designed each style of lashes for Lashly, which are individually hand-made and created with 100% silk. Her dream was to provide lashes that would fit nearly every eye-shape for any occasion with the goal of elevating the look and confidence of whoever wears them.

“Clean beauty, quality, and integrity are extremely important to me and I promise Lashly will always uphold these standards while staying on top of the latest innovations and trends in beauty. Whether you wear lashes daily or for special occasions, I know there will be a style you will love. I hope you try Lashly and never look back!”

XO, Tiana Powell